Custom CRM/HRM solutions

CRM is a tool designed for automating sales, marketing, working with potential and existing customers.
HRM is a personnel management, personnel decisions, performance evaluation, motivation, vacation schedules, training, personnel reserve creation tool.

CRM and HRM Components

The following architecture is basically used for the programs:

  • The platform containing the basic functionality of the program.

  • Data management – databases, means of working with them.

  • Components and modules including software solutions, necessary for the units work, reports development, etc.

  • API Tools necessary for the data exchange arrangements with the company site (feedback, online store sales) and a different software used in the company (warehouse controlling, accounting).

  • Mobile applications. They are necessary in case of employees’ remote working (distributors, couriers).

CRM (Customer relationship management) means also a web-based database to be operated automatically keeping the sales history.
By means of CRM, a purchase manager is informed about the vendor he needs to purchase the goods from. CRM links data team, sales team and a purchase manager. Proper use of CRM ensures maximum profit level. The cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is quite simple because a heavy load of annoying tasks in sales, marketing and customer abutment business processes are just barbarized. Cloud-based CRM makes information sharing easy and automated, letting all the team members get on and stay on the same page.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential in the case of a growing business (if business growth is just a perspective).
CRM also keeps records of sales, potential sales, tasks and actions requiring follow-up. Most sales reps keep their contact data, motivating them because of the target goals and daily tasks, and preserve indispensable information handy with the sales purpose. Sales have been always a lifeblood part of a company, so it’s understandable why there are hundreds of CRM programs at our fingertips starting from programs containing barely more than notes and spreadsheets and ending up with far more complex systems.

HRM (Human Resource Management) means a web-based database operated automatically. It keeps the logging details of employee’s login and logout time. The system is a portal-based integrated Human Resources Business Suite.
HRM covers all demeanor of Human Resources Management over the Internet, unlike other HR products, with the Internet support added only as reconsideration and where the product support, just an HR module, is conceived as an application supporting assorted HR modules and business convention with the rich Internet and business appearance covering human management based on the best convention.