Our expertise

We are a company that specialises in systems integration, IT outsourcing, and managing IT services.

For more than 15 years, we have been making a long way through Win Forms, Silverlight, WPF to .Net Core, micro-services, and modern web frontend. Our performance is being enhanced by practical and advanced ideas in different business domains as well as by team seniority and wide-range expertise.



We work 24/7 to provide support services upon a client’s request

“Techalancer” provides:

• A significantly wide range of services designed to improve the quality of work and tackle any arising problems;

• Overall assistance in developing a strategy of information infrastructure transformation to meet the needs of the organization and end-users; 

• IT support services for different scale (from small to large) projects and their ongoing maintenance; 

• Outstaffing services.

Our focus is to help enterprises in accelerating the new technologies adoption, untangle complex issues that always emerge in times of digital evolution, and manage ongoing innovation.

Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, our company leads the process from ideation and concept creation to its delivery with ongoing support.

Our experts develop customized plans and market-leading software solutions, providing a client with better infrastructure conditions, monthly detailed reports, and an optimized environment.

Umbraco CMS Applications

Umbraco combines high flexiblity, ease-of-use and open source into one great package.

Umbraco CMS Applications →

C# .NET Development

Applications built within the Microsoft .NET framework using the SOLID design pattern.

C# .NET Development →

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps provide you with a unique opportunity to deliver a web experience your users will love..

Progressive Web Apps →

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